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20/20 NGI
I agree best weapon in game
Divine slasher , upgrade to white sharpness and put elementless on it.
the 'blight' effect that dragon damage causes, only affects elder dragons... shortens/nullifies their rampage effects.
I'm sure other folks have a different opinion, but man... I'm kind of disappointed that this Rarity 8 sword looks so damn grungy compared to the weapon that preceded it. That rusty, cage-like sheathe of worn and warped metal, the jagged and chipped blade... it really doesn't belong in the Ore tree of long swords, visually. I avoided most of the Bone long swords simply because they looked like this, but I guess I couldn't keep running.
I love this weapon to death, but there seems to be a minor visual glitch with it. In the sheath, the weapon appears much darker than when it's unsheathed; it goes from practically black to the bone texture. It kinda bugs me, but it's an otherwise amazing weapon.
they probably did that to simulate nerg's spines but then... shouldnt it be black upon taking the weapon out and white when sheathed?
The bug bugs you?
This thing is a oversized,two handed cleaver decorated with monster parts,held in a cage,Best looking weapon
a direct upgrade from the nergal reaver in all aspects except style