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If you don't see the items you are looking for then you must advance more in the story to unlock other items.
Is there a chance to have the merchant selling everything for 50% off like in all other games?
I read that it's only during festivals that the Gathering Hall NPC has a 50% off sale, although I haven't read anything about this NPC having a sale.
Where is he at in astera



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Just in side the main gate. Standing on a pile of supplies next to the head honchos.
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His way of talking gives me the feeling he's an american
can't remember exactly what he said, but one time he made it abundantly clear through his dialogue that he has a crush on the captain of the Argosy and I'm living for it
They need to bring back additional item selling granny like in the old game where you buy more of the utility item like gunpowder and energy drink item