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Best way (from my experience) to farm for this set is to grab the Dragonbone Lance and farm the Radobaan. Just hold block, keep poking it with Y/Triangle, and try not to use charged attacks too much.

Even after studying the Radobaan's attack pattern, I noticed that it often likes to sit still for a second. The moment you start charging, there's a chance it was just late to attack and it'll hit you immediately after your attack. Best to just not risk it, or try canceling with super charged attack.

Hit the Radobaan while it's spinning to throw it off, and be careful when it comes at you. I've found myself getting cart'd way too many times because I was drinking a potion from a safe distance away and it charges me. Easily I just roll to get away, and resume drinking thinking I have enough time. It ALWAYS charges at you on the second charge, regardless of how far you think it is or at what angle.
is it me or it looks like the space marine armor from Starcraft?
Why do several of the male armour sets look like they are wearing fat suits under them? The female armour sets consistently match the size of the hunter inside instead of randomly being designed for a Sontaran to wear