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i killed several rathians and the weight were smallest 1614.02 and bigest 2070.16.
Those numbers make sense...
The first time I met a Rathian I couldn't bring myself to kill it. So instead we made sweet love, she became pregnant, and that's how the pink rathian was born
i captured it, i will say no more :3
wot the hell mate? it's a freaking dragon! how....? okay. *inhales deeply* boi. although..... yes it does make sense. she is majestic. i'll give you that. is you rathalos???????? *thinks about it too much. dies*
I didn't know Rathalos could type. That's neat.
fyi the rathian is not the target of 'Stuck in a Rut' the Radobaan is
Immediately hostile? I just walked right by her and she did nothing. XD
2155 for gold crown



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Got largest gold crown size at 2192.96
I saw the Rathian for the first time and it was just..... majestic. Why would anyone want to kill such a gorgeous beast? PETA would be upset by this
If PETA knew this game existed, they'd be talking about it nonstop. A game where you kill creatures in the wild, to make weapons and armor out of their body parts, so you could then kill more creatures out in the wild? They'd throw a fit. Haha.
Hunted and captured this thing. I think I'm one of the only people who's HR5 with a rathian coil...
P.S. you guys need to use better images, I have no idea wtf that thing is in the image...
If you think a change is needed, feel free to help rather than whine and do nothing.
I don't know how, and you don't either. Loose your attitude and get off the couch in your mother's basement and do something for once instead of being a ****.
How do you change the image? I tried to change it, but it just doesn't let me. Do I have to drag an image or do I have to click "insert/edit image"?
You can't change the image, your just a viewer...