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Well ***** this guy
It's a Girl
Got a real easy time with an Insectoglaive Dragonbone. Once you cut off her tail, it's all butterflies and tickles.
Worst monster yet. Dumb mechanics, huge aoe moves, ranged attacks, flames, and poison. And One hit will take 50% of your health with a health boost of +50. Yup dumb ****



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One of the easiest in the game for me. Just gotta know what to look out for, and how to exploit it.
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So *****ing true, stupid monster, it kills me just by passing by
Get good, that is all.
answer to your crisis, dreagonbone bow...
or just get better at dodging (dark souls this pink ****) and area knowledge... water instantly puts out fireblight, her tail can be cut to remove poison and when she starts floundering about and tackling over and over she's exhausted and will be easier to read (and no longer fly)
First, you need some decent defense stats. Enough so that his shuffle/charge only does 25% damage, at most. That way you can survive some of the bad luck combos.

He has a few simple attacks. A double right/left chomp (this attack leaves little opportunity to counter, and often chains to something else). A straight fireball that can hit extremely long distances. A 3 shot fireball (middle, right, left). A swinging tail (only when you're in melee and behind him). A flying tail swing that can poison you (sever the tail). A flying dash that will land behind you. The flying tail attack is followed either by landing, or by the flying dash. The dash always finishes on the ground.

There are 2 attack paths. First you want to sever the tail. This means waiting until all his attacks finish their animation, quickly striking and then leaving before he can swing his tail. His head is extremely vulnerable during the fireball attacks that are going to target your palico/teammates.

It's also a good idea to use the available resources on the terrain - sleeptoads and flashbugs are easy targets with a slinger and give awesome damage opportunities.
She not he. Also, thanks for the information. :)
Number one tip: forget health boost, go for defense boost. Defense/resist bonus will save you a hundred times to every one time health boost comes in useful
This thing is OP as $*** and you have to solo it so good luck all
Beat it with origin set(Starting gear) and kadachi bow. 17 min first try. If you have trouble try to avoid the tail flips and claws.
someone's just standing there with a nergi great sword and nergi armour and that he beat the game "......ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT"
Pink Rathians even the tempered ones are very easy fights, maybe go upgrade your gear a little bit and then come back for it.
maybe go try soloing it and then come back for it. Do you see those dislikes, by the way? That's how many people disagree with you ;)
He sees them, and they’re there because this is a Teen rated game lol, he is completely correct. Stop trying to tackle monsters that you aren’t prepared for and you won’t have such a hard time. Patience and youth are not allies
I went into this unprepared to just get a feel for what the fight would be like before I tried it for real. I used mostly low rank armor, a blast weapon, and rarely utilized the maps traps and still solo'd it...it took 40 minutes though. I used one flash pod. If i'd have played with decent armor and a dragon weapon, I'd have beat him in 15 minutes by myself.
her rathians are females of rathalos
Downvotes come from clueless little children that don’t want to spend 35 minutes, considerable skill, and four thousand Z on a single successful hunt. That is what high level creatures require, regardless of how many stupid kids tell you that you should be able to flatten a four-story-tall dragon in five minutes, it simply isn’t practical or true. This is a game where you play to your strengths and exploit the enemies weakness. Your technique is worth far more than your enthusiasm
As someone else has said, Priority starts to become a thing with monsters now. You need to get rid of that tail asap. Focus everything on it, to do this, use flash pods and environmental aid to give yourself openings. Once the tails is out, focus the wings if you're using a ranged weapon, the head if you're melee. Be patient and wait for your openings, the fight will become fairly straight-forward.
Pink Rathian so ez
really? LOL it's freaking hard for me.
It’s just a rathian but with different armor plates. Every monster at this level has like twenty billion hit points and that’s why people think it’s hard. In reality if you just avoid its attacks and keep hitting it (like you should be doing already), it dies very predictably just like every other “meh” rehashed high end monster. If you have crazy difficulty, try switching weapons or techniques and try again. Your problem might be that you suck at sword & shield, not that you can’t kill it. Try gunlance or longsword, you might discover that a different strategy is better
Easy Monster if you understand the attack pattern. It's all about timing not spamming.