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By TheHamLord
Oh good god of Hams do I take a fancy to this one. MmmmMmmm that's one good Ham folks.
By Anonymous
Completely agree with you! Hitting monster heads for over 300 damage plus knock outs is FUN!
By Anonymous
If you're struggling to get Nerg Horns, upgrade to Nergal Crusher, put a partbreaker charm on, and just swing away on his head. Takes about 6 minutes to break both, and another 5 to slay him.
By Anonymous
For a moment I thought the name was "Obliteration's Football", lmao.
By Anonymous
Hey, can handicraft be used to give it white sharpness?
By Anonymous
It won't. You'll just get more blue.
By Anonymous
handicraft is useless on this hammer (Read the handicraft skill description or test it for yourself)
By Anonymous
How is this nerg? It looks like it came from a completely different monster
By Anonymous
The Spikes actually get alittle bigger on the Hammer when you fully charge it up. Visually very appealing. :P