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Explain a little of what this means please
"Word" basically means "Ok, I understand" or "Got it".
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this is a helpful page- will deffinetely come back here sometime
good hel i have tin cyrstalization cata;yst now tanks i from afganistan
So does the magic adjust work like item discovory (multiplys/is a percentage) so using a staff with 180 magic adjust would multiply the spell by 1.8?
Every spell carries a hidden multiplication factor that gets multiplied with the MagAdj of your catalyst to determine the power of it
So do the blocks of cells set off by dotted lines indicate the best catalyst(s) without having to go to the trouble of obtaining the Tin Crystallization or Manus ones?
i think The dotted lines represent the highest MaG Adj without sacrificing number of spells cast (the Manus and Tin C. catalysts halve spell usage)
Nah they represent the highest mag adj. at that intelligence level, so basically which catalyst gives you best value at that point
Go back and forth dying on blight town to get Tin Banishment on SL1, just to come back using default sorcerer's default catalyst on late game PVE. Feelsbad man.
Manus catalyst and TCC both state that they boost sorceries. I know Manus is better for dark sorceries, but what's the added boost from each of the two catalysts?
it was long ago i checked that, but manus had significant dark spell damage to compare to TCC at 98 int. very good for pvp if youre running playthrough 5-6 or higher. on playthrough 1-4 would not recommend (due low amount of dark spells collected and divided by 2).
Hey john i know you've been under a lot of stress lately so i finished all the catalyst coding for you. Geez Mike thanks a lot i appreciate it...Mike why do half of the catalysts have the same scaling ...SO YOU DON'T LIKE IT JOHN? I HELP YOU HERE AND YOU DON'T APPRECIATE IT AT no Mike i love it thanks a lot.
Hey, why does the S scaling half the castings without doubling the damage? Why not just have an S scaled weapon? Because a sorcerer froze you in D&D, the party left you and now your being a big baby about it