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Shifting the left stick to right and left does nothing.



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It does do something, but rotating the stick is better for getting rid of stun faster.
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i swear i'm gonna break my controller one day, trying to get rid of stun

it feels like i get out of stuns 0.5 seconds earlier by devastating my controller. are there any numbers on how much you save by wiggling/rotating in contrast to just accepting your fate?
Don't even bother. Just use Steadfast Jewels. Sure you will still get knocked around like an autistic ragdoll. But at least it gets rid of the cringey 10 second stun animation.
The tutorial itself says it does something
Qhole you've been stunned, instead of screaming that it's the games fault, reflect on how the monster managed to hit you enough to stun you in the first place :)
Can anybody beak down whatattacks cause a stun or k.o. damage?
as far as i have experienced it, every single attack can stun you
as far as i have experienced it every attack can stun you
Every attack in the game that can knock you over has a chance to stun you unless youre using stun resistance. But some attacks ALWAYS stun, like the tzitzi's light attack
Just wear tzitsi Gauntlets with one steadfast jewel to never get stunned again. Or 3 jewels. I can't see myself hunting without it


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Personally, I use Kulve Taroth shirt, it comes with stun , critical boost, a large gem slot and a small gem slot. The shadow shades are good too, as it comes with stun resistance as well as 3 small gem slots you can use to max out whatever resistances you want to throw in it on the fly with just one item. The shades have good elemental defenses as well and are easy to get~
Can Long Swords deal KO Damage if you put a KO Jewel?
Generally no, Long Swords do not have KO Damage attacks so KO Jewels will be powering up nothing. If you use the Impact Mantle though, some of your attacks will cause KO build up, though there are better ways to build your LS you technically can do it this way.
It'd be nice if severe environmental damage was capable of waking you from stun. I dunno about you guys, but I imagine that if I got knocked into a pool of lava or acid, it wouldn't matter how dazed I am; the whole "I'm on fire" thing would provide a solid jolt to the system. There's nothing worse than getting stunned from a light thwack and then watching your avatar obliviously melt in a sea of flames.
Don't be bad enough to be hit enough to get stunned, very simple.
Concussion sometimes leaves you in a state of where you can't tell from left or right or feel pain at all. That's pretty much what stun is. I'm amazed our, or specifically mine, characters haven't gotten a permanent brain damage from all these concussion. Thankfully I built my character to be tanky so it doesn't matter how much he gets smacked around like a rug doll.
this wiki is the best
I detect a hint of sarcasm
If weakness is considered by 3 stars - Great Jagras, Jyuratodus, Rathian, Paolumu, Pink Rathian, and Uragaan are all 3 stared to stun.
If it also involves 2 stars then you can add: Kulu-Ya-Ku, Pukei-Pukei, Tobi-Kadachi, Anjanath, Tzitzi-Ya-Ku, Great Girros, Radobaan, Legiana, Odogaron, Rathalos, Dodogama, Deviljho, Lavasioth, Azure Rathalos, Nergigante, Teostra, Lunastra, Kushala Daora, and Vaal Hazak.
Mainly, MOST of the monsters in this game are fairly vulnerable to Stun...Unsure if this is why they are not listed here but surprised no one has made any mention of this since the game came out and no one edited this page to at least include the 3 star weakness monsters to this.
This is by far the most bull$&/@ mechanic in this game. Also stun seemingly isn’t exclusive to just some monsters. From what I can tell if you get hit enough by a large monster you’ll get stunned. I have been stunned from pukei-pukeis to legianas. This mechanic essentially allows you to die to random chance. Get stunned on low health and, “OH LOOK I CANT DODGE THE CHARGING MONSTER” it is so annoying to be grinding a monster for materials and then die to random chance because stun decided to proc at the worst possible time. Not to mention it just makes the grinding take longer because you LOSE REWARDS ON DEATH. All I can do is hope that this mechanic is removed in future monster hunter titles. Does stun make sense realistically? Yes. Is it extremely annoying? Triple yes.
yikers seems you're bad at the game.
So, stop getting *****ing hit every three seconds? Problem solved.
I know im late but 3 steadfast jewel will solve your problem
Well, you're fighting giant monsters you should expect them just moving will knock you off your feet and or make you dizzy. Just take your time and learn their pattern, if you're new to fighting a certain boss, play defensively when they're enraged. I have never died to a "random chance" I have died because I got greedy and decided to keep attacking instead of positioning myself right, but never because the mechanic is unfair, it's always because I made a mistake.
How long does stun affect hunters?? Like, how many seconds? And how long does it last when moving the left analgo stick? Might have to figure this out myself...