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Never thought I'd hate a lightning unicorn more than the ones in the fridge outskirts in Dark Souls 2... Screw this thing
Amen brother. Just use ice bow on kirin and give your palico a hammer. The lighting is easy to dodge with kushala doara gear!
This is one of the easiest monsters including the jagras. i can beat with -15 lightning and terrible defense because it never hits me.
news flash, this is the same thing as the unicorns in the frigid outskirts... hence why those hellbeasts drop dragon bones
Immune to traps?... Screw this thing
all elder dragons are immune to traps, they cannot be captured
lol good luck with the end half the game :P
Screw you, noob. Elder dragons are IMMUNE to traps
pretty sure screw the fact you cannot capture a elder dragon isn't something i'd thumbs down. I want extra monster parts.
This piece of *Dung Pod* can go suck a *Wiggler*
Had a confirmed kill of a 498.72
Can guests edit? This page says Kirin is a fanged beast and not and elder dragon



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Fixed. And yes, guests can edit.
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Hey fellow hunters I got a method that gets you his parts! Get plunderblade and you can even die and take his parts that were carved off him by the plunderblade! That blade is a lifesaver! Oh then I beat him twice. Thunder mantle is awesome against him. Makes it way easier!
How did you get the thunder mantle
He shoots lightning from the skies in caves T_T
Now be gone with the thunderclap
"Enrage by calling lightning from the sky, its body then deflects attacks, its attack pattern becomes more imprevisible and widespread and only its horn is vulnerable."

->No problem if your weapon has white sharpness