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I can't kill diablos and no one joins my sos I need help my psn is braychapp13
best bet is to build the strongest I've weapon you can and get the Palico Taunt item.
I know ur pain diablos is hard but learn his pattern and u should be fine thats all i can say lol
If you still need help just send me a friend request PSN: Gundam79Joe
If you still need help just send me a friend request PSN: Gundam79Joe
Take sonic bombs with you and keep them ready and as soon as he digs into the ground you want to throw one where he went under, it will trap him and you can hit him a bit.
I need help wth nerigignte add me on psn Noahmorgan09
Any one passed nerigigante on Xbox need help slaying him Gt: Cobra InB


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My PSN is T-Widow3.
I’ve been playing for a little while now and I’m just getting by. I could really use some help from someone or someone’s. If someone could join up and play with me to help show me the ropes and help me understand some of the items and strategies that would be fantastic. Please I really want to get into this game and better understand it. I need yalls help!!!
do you have xbox or play station ? if you have xbox add me taesikcha is my gammer tag
You can add me if you have a PS4, my PSN is CelsiusFate. I'll take you around to get how to play the game and stuff :]
need help with final boss psn is Stry_z
Need a hand dealing with Diablos for the Horned Tyrant mission on Xbox. Anyone please give me a hand got him all the way down to limping then got KO'd by my Palico. Help would be appreciated :)
any1 need help with xbox one, i am just past nerigigante, my live id is Verrier6595. look me up if i am on, i will come help.
Which encounter
Hey, I'm looking for a specific Symbol on the Minimap that I can't see to find a definition for anywhere; it looks like a Green monster head with some teeth and a blue drop coming out of the corner of the mouth/ below the eye? Because I've picked up a couple Wyvern Tears, I figured that it was the monster crying, but I honestly have no idea what it is. Thanks!
Wyver tear is a drop, which means it'd only show up in the map when it's dropped. I found them several times after turf wars. I even bombed a dragon treasure out of a Kirin last night.
The symbol and a drop is indicate a monster is fatigue and need to feed. You will find it went to its hunting ground to refill the hunger and that usually show when show did somewhat 50-60% HP from the monster. And when that's happen, monster tend to flee the battleground to it's nearest hunting ground to refill its energy, so you should be able to head there first on wyvern if you know the place. When the monster feeding, it will not tend to attack for a couple second, so plan the hunting well.

While you mentioned the tears, it will usually drop when monster have been damage a lot in one blow. Mostly when you hit its weak spot with critical, a monster fight which do a lot of damage or when you activate a trap that does damage like a rock fall or a flood from Rathalos nest in Ancient forest.

About a mark that show in the map which show monster status, a first white eye is when the monster spot you, you have 2 option to flee the area, hide or avoid the engage or start attack if it's your target. And when its turn yellow, it will start engaging. While the red is when it angry and a vicious attack is on the way. The symbol will show around this time when it's exhausted. And after that a skull, which mean it is nearly out and about to died. When the skull show you will have 2 options, to capture it at the battleground if you have a chance or its nest, or kill it for loot. Happy Hunting!
The first quest after i beat zorah the second time (the game i guess), I get an assigned story to depart on an expdition to the wildspire wastes, "speak to hanlder" and "head to wildspire waste" are the two achievements, but i can't seem to get them no matter where i go on the map.. she said go to the forest area of the wildspire wastes? what zone/area is that cause i see no forest lol...
You have to strart looking for ??? clues in the small forest area on the west side of the map where normally the rathian is living. From there out scout the map and after you find a bunch youre handler will give the message that you have to head back to Astera Ecological centre for info..
also you are half way through the game
Nergi is not the end-game... keep looking in the Wastes... The forest area is in the northeast area 8 I believe.