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By Anonymous
It should be worth noting that spells like Iron Flesh drastically reduce your lightning resistance.
By Anonymous
It would make some sense since it's known as iron flesh that it would make you more conductive
By Anonymous
It seems no one has written anything about this, so here goes. I just discovered while PvPing in the Anor Londo Water Reserve that my Lightning Urns left a medium sized lingering AoE upon impact with the water. Makes sense that water conducts lightning, so I experimented a little. It seems that any lightning based projectile will leave the same lingering AoE upon contact with a surface submerged in water, including lightning miracles and Dragonslayer Lightning Arrows. The 2 things I've seen that don't leave the AoE are the Lightning Storm miracle and the WA of the Nameless King's Dragonslayer Swordspear. I'm guessing Lightning Storm isn't a projectile, doesn't touch the ground, or is already considered an AoE because Lightning Stake has the AoE, and that the WA doesn't count as a projectile, because Ornstein's Dragonslayer Spear WA does leave the AoE.

I haven't tested anything with the Knight's Crossbow yet, but imagine Gael's Repeating Crossbow with Lightning Bolts... I can smell the salt already.
By Anonymous
Just tested the repeating crossbow WA on a giant crab by the crucifixion woods bonfire, and a plus 5 did 190 damage on direct hits with all bolts, and 180 when i hit none of the bolts but got the aoe on all of them, so really close damage numbers, plus way easier to hit. It also looked very flashy.
The knight's crossbow doesn't activate it on non lightning bolts either, same with the lothric knight greatsword or dragonslayer's axe buffed with lightning resin.
The crow quills infused with lightning don't trigger it on their WA either, so I doubt any lightning infused weapons will count.
By Reiken
The only thing that works, is lightning projectiles, not weapons. But Nameless's sword spear WA works since it's technically a projectile.
By Anonymous
Have been playing for over 150 hours and I literally never heard of this, even though I know it makes sense I don't expect games to put in details like this. Dark Souls never fails to surprise me.
By Anonymous
If I'm not mistaken, Lightning Stake is, in fact, a projectile, just one that aims downwards and explodes in an aoe unlike Spear miracles.
By Anonymous
This was a major part in dark souls 2. Lightning damage would increase substantially in rain/water.
By Anonymous
Yet we don't have the "wet" Status in DS3 like we had in DS2. Makes me wonder why they removed it. It made sense.
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I just finished my lightning build but i swear there has to be a stun modifier to lightning
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There is an item that increases lightning further that is not listed here. This is the Ariandel Whip’s weapon art: Awakening. It increases miracle spell damage by 25% which is a pretty massive boost to be left out of the “lightning boost items” section of this page.
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Silver knights also deal lightning damage when they rush at you. Add that, please.
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By Anonymous
I am pretty sure there is something that multiplies lightning damage the closer you are to your target, but I don’t have a ton of evidence