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no u
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what does it mean when there blue?
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Added the info on the page, Elder Dragons or Tempered tracks.
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Before you unlock temprated monsters (low rank and high rank up to Xeno Jiva defeat) they mark special hunts, and will be needed to go further in the storyline. Talk to biologist and select "special requests" or something like this.
After Xeno, they will mark temprated monsters and you will need to collect them to unlock bounties.

Sorry if the terms are not correct ones but i play in Italian and i tried to translate from the game
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it means they are sad
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when they are blue means that it is tracking marks from an ancient dragon
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elder dragon bozo
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bruh he got it correct just not in the correct words so leave him alone man
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But what exactly are they? Where's MatPat & GT when ya need em?
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he's busy making more FNAF videos.
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These little guys probably lead the toughest creatures toward smaller ones to kill. They feed off the kill.
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Amazing. Tip of the hat to you, sir. In regards to the game and its style, I'm certain you're correct.
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That... Makes a lot of sense
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I don't like that the scoutfly levelups are temporary. Once you get your scoutflies to level 3 they should stay there
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Considering the dev want to make the game "easier" and less "struggling finding mosnter" this is already good. We need to manually paint the monster with paint bomb on older games, just yt it.
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Don't really agree, I like the fact that *something* about this system is temporary. Scoutflies already make tracking monsters way simpler than in previous games, if they were to make the Scent levels permanent on top of that you'd have 24/7, universal monster tracking. I like the current system. If you've grinded a monster a few times the scoutflies streamline the process for you a little more each time. This way monsters like Tobi-Kadachi can still sneak up on me because I don't hunt that many, but for ones like Anjanath that I regularly have to hunt for Gems (or just generally encounter because they're aggressive bastards) I have 24/7 knowledge on where an Anjanath is if there's one on the map. It's a nice balance.
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Anyone remember paintballs ahh good times
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Yeah paint balls