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literally the dumbest fight
Y u no like chin bro
I'd argue the Lavasioth is worse.
The only thing I don't like about the fight is it's ridiculous hit boxs when guarding against it's rolls, still somehow damages ya from behind, such bull*****and it doesn't help whem it spams rolls when it's at it's nest like a dumbass. Just... why?!?!
You don't guard against an Uragaan and a Radobaan, you dodge it and keep distance. -Monster Hunter Veteran
You both are *****s get in that fire ***** my nigga
Git gud ***
Oh god, you two are extremely cancerous. Especially that "You both" guy...
My favorite part was when it rolled around for 20 minutes then stopped dead and instantly accelerated to the speed of light and turning me into paste with no telegraph or warning it was great
Git Gud
I never said I didn’t kill it, I beat it in like 10 minutes. I love how stupid the community of fextralife is that they believe thinking an attack is bull*****is being bad at a game.
If you honestly think Uragaan's attacks aren't telegraphed, just play literally any other Mh game, more than enough for you to complain about there.
who decided to give the Crimson Chin bombs?
Maybe he struck up a deal with the bomb beetles in the recess, would explain why they are rolling around dragon pods...
6th time killing him with underleveled armor that I'm getting 2 shotted in still no ruby gg Capcom.
Finally got 2 at same drop. Gotta love RNGesus.
I don't think Uragaan is too bad in World, because in World they introduced the Radobaan, who more or less trains you for how to deal with the Uragaan, if you are really struggling with the Uragaan, go kill Radobaan a bunch of times, then come back and adapt what you learned there.
Or just practice Uragaan? I mean, Isn't it better to practice the real thing than something similar?
You know Arena kinda hates you when they put this guy and a Radobaan in the same field and tell you to have fun.
I didn't know Jay Leno made a cameo appearance in worlds