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Jyrotodus high rank one star drop or reward
Wyvern Gem is also used to craft the Holy Sabers along with 3 High Commendations as your rare materials
Also 1 star reward from Paolumu
Got one by carving Diablos tail in HR
This thing is a bigger pain in the *** to farm than the stupid rubies
Wyvern Gem is also needed for the Flying Kadachi Strikebow, Dragonebone Bow III, Galebender, Water Shot III, and 2 are needed for the Great Hunter's Bow.
Black Diablos rewards Wyvern
Like it's a for sure thing?
Wyvern is also needed Kadachi Helm
I didn't get a wyvern gem from a fiery convergence. Was it because i fired a sos?



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All gems have very low drop rates. You just got unlucky.
I don't think the SoS flare has any baring on rewards.
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