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So when are we going to get some info on the individual kinsect upgrade tree?
Love this weapon
even if i have plenty of stamina the weapon will not allow me to combo air attacks more than 5 times. I will instead slice through the monster dealing damage but landing on the ground. No one has mentioned this, idk if its new so people are going off old information or what but I would like more in depth info.
5 times is the max amount you can do ...
Where do I hit a bazelgeuse with my kinsect to get the orange buff?
given i haven't found one yet i have to go off the pictures, but it will be either the legs or the wings, the part that doesn't give you orange will give you the white extract. if somehow neither gives you orange your going to have to hit the body probably by sending the kinsect under it and telling it to attack up, or running under it and sending and sending the kinsect up.
yep its the body, and it is a bit of a pain to hit.
top of his body, in between his wings
it's a pain to get
It is his back, I've found the best way to get it is to aim with L2 above him and then press triangle to fire him out, then aim at him and press it again, this sends the bug above bazel and then down onto his back. you can also hit it if he does the head drag move where he puts his head down if you're far enough away to dodge it anyway.
So, is there any real reason to ever use the "harvest extract" command rather than just telling the Kinsect to attack, since in either situation you have to manually recall it or wait for the stamina to drop? Or is it a situation where harvesting extract won't alert monsters, so you could potentially harvest all three before starting your initial attack? Even if it's the latter, that seems very situational. Or am I missing something about how the harvest command differs from just harvesting via the attack command?



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Harvest command leaves behind a cloud after the Kinsect strikes. Hitting the cloud with your glaive sets it off. The effect varies with your kinsect (Or your glavie, not sure which)
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It is more percise as to where your Kinsect will harvest making it more likely to get the buff you want.
The "Cloud" (Element Swarm) Works The Same If just attacking.
(Heal, Explosive, Paralysis, Mix)
Yes! This the makes your kinsect release its dust effect. Dust effect leaves a bonus effect in the area, that when attacked releases its effect. Heal dust effect is like a small vigour fly for heals so you can act as a field healer.. There are also poison and paralysis effects at low rank you can use to effect the monster. These hovering spots can be hit by you and your teammates. Harvest extract is entire tactical advantage you can layer with your glaive.
Where is a KINSECT guide/tree? i want to look up waht Mats i need to make the last in my tree for a few different kinds. i have no clue what materials are needs as they a ?? in the game.
Just progress through the game and you will find out.
Also, a tip for glaive users; need to trigger a falling boulder trap? Firing the marker at it will trigger it, meaning you don't need to put up your weapon and load the sling to trigger traps! Fought xeno for the first time tonight with a glaive; I need to trigger the falling crystals onto xeno for max damage, and the marker serves as a makeshift sling as well.
Do the Legiana(sp?) glove ability "Airborne" give a 10% damage output to the jumping attacks with the glaive? Or is it just off of cliffs and such??
It does +10% on all aerial attacks. Definitely worth having for an IG user.