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By Anonymous
where is the 'Elders Recess'?
By Anonymous
keep playing, it's very deep in
By Anonymous
its in the final story quest
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
how do you fight him again/Grind for set?
By Anonymous
Quest shows up randomly and lasts for 2 hunts only.
By Anonymous
just respond to SOS flares, works much better, and guarantees you get to play with others, making is more fun and faster
By Anonymous
Is anyone housing usj event
By Anonymous
Gettin abit irritating atm.... the way they make this "hard" is by slow and rly bad controlls. Like when dodging and the char just drops down on the belly and takes 1 month to get up again instead of rolling away. 45 min wasted on this freaking boss and i cant "queu" for it neither becouse its ??? and cant. About to give up tbh . got rly good gear and prep with ALOT of pots and buffs etc. he just dont whant to go down.... feelt like it was rly close this time but for some damn reason i couldent get out of the way of the beam got pushed by some magic invisible force in front of his head and could not to anything about it even dodge just rolled on spot ant slided bacwards straight into "his/her" beam...... enoying as fk. well i guess i need to grind again to bulk up for todays tries on it. prolly spend 1k pots/buffs etc and that damn beam feels so random dmg wise to. i got cought 1 time and dropped to 50% health and the next one killed me with all buffs and alot of hp etc.
By Anonymous
git gud
By Anonymous
Because the player characters are actual humans and not Demigods like Dante or Vergil??
Theres little fancy***** for a Capcom game, no long *** dodge rolls, either hit the dirt or get put in it 6ft under lol
By Anonymous
Try a lance or a gun lance. Defense is quite good with some guard up skills. Some weapons are best suited for certain monsters.
By Anonymous
As a glave user this was one of the easiest fights in the game for me, I just kept backing him into a wall then jumping about hitting him like the annoying little bug I am. It kept me out of the way of his projectile attacks, and if I saw him get ready to do his ground pound explosion i'd jump away from him then zip back at him. It was honestly more difficult trying to do it with other players because they would lead him away from the wall.
By Anonymous
you are a *****
By Anonymous
dual sword, just hit his front legs and tail, and back away when he is in rage, try to avoid being in front of him, took me 25 minutes to solo it, first try, no deaths.
By Anonymous
Sounds like you need a Doot pro bro on your team. Don't blame the game you can use the "Super-man" dive to become invulnerable if done right.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Do you understand what a final boss is? The damage isn't random, it's dependant on what state he's in. Not to mention buffs don't mean***** if you're bad at a skill based game.
By Anonymous
The way I handled him was I drunk a Dash Juice. The extra stamina really helps.
By Anonymous
No moonlight greatsword from tail?
This is totally seath the Scaleless
By Anonymous
Feels more like fighting Midir though.
By Anonymous
After fighting this I was really disappointed to see no darksouls references in its armor or weapons
By Anonymous
Seath and Lightpulsar Dragon from Yu-Gi-Oh had a child clearly.
By Anonymous
As a glaive user I was never able to mount him, no matter how many aerial attacks I did. Something to keep into consideration as well. However it is easy to just red nectar-sky **** him while staying relatively safe. Do keep in mind that this tactic will take a loooong while when playing solo as the damage output is minimal.
By Anonymous
I didnt like using glaive against it, the head is so high from the ground you have to manually aim your kinsect all the time, annnoying.
By PSNAtomicJ456
Xeno'jiiva Scale needs to be added to the material list
By Anonymous
When it's on it's back legs and using the beam attack, you can attack the back legs and tail to stagger it, stop the beam attack, and to make it fall through the floor into lava. This gives you a chance to attack the face and hands
By Anonymous
This happens regardless of you attack it or not. The beam attack is the long lasting version that breaks the ground beneath him during the duration and caves in regardless of your actions.
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