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Name needs to be changed to Odogaron



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Dodogama and Odogaron are different monsters. Dodogama is a blue-scaled toadlike monster, Odogaron is a red fierce one made of fangs.
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You mean King Dodongo...
Why? Odogaron is cool, Dodogama isn't
LOL you are wrong good sir
LOL learn to reply good sir
the best boy
More like bland boi
This fight was way easier than it should have been. I just stood behind it the whole time and got loads of hits
It is super vulnerable from behind
..most of its attacks are in front
The main danger is if another monster shows up to ruin the fun. This happens to me more times than usual.
Craving dodogama tails right now
I love this thicc boi
is he ever gonna be tempered ?
Hopefully never



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I have smallest at 977.78