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Evasion Mantle quest is actually given after completing research of 10 monsters, not completing 5 different Tempered Monster Hunts.



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That's how you get the Apothecary mantle. I've almost researched every monster in the game and have not gotten the Evasion Mantle.

I'm also somewhat sure I've hunted 5 different tier 2 tempered monsters and still haven't gotten it, but eh.
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You get the evasion mantle from the "New world sky, new world flower" quest yes, but it unlocks after 7 tempered rank 2 monsters, or so i've heard.
Dragonproof mantle came out today so better put that on there. It comes from the special assignment "The Food Chain Dominator"
I wish the challenger mantle didn't break In 3 seconds. I would love for the dragon to focus on me only while my team beats up on it.


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It shouldn't break if you are guarding and negating all damage.
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They should remake the challenger mantle so that you can't take it off during the whole time it's active, and the monster will not attack anything else as long as your wearing it, as well as remove the "get attacked it gets removed" effect. BUT you get a permanent attack up and affinity up buff as long as you wear it. Maybe agitator level 5 or something.
The best time to wear your rocksteady is all the time.
the gillie mantle has saved my life way too many times for it not to be in my top three
I never found it all that useful, the vitality mantle on the other hand I find much more useful, even more so with the Rocksteady mantle late game.
Why are the boosters on here, exactly?
because they are in the mantle category in the equipment
Because it's not worth making a separate page for them. It will be a ghost town there.
Shouldn't this page be named Specialized Tools instead?
they guy who said no, can't finish kirin for sure xD
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