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The health mantle sounds extremely similair to the vitality mantle, but as I have not finished the game ther could be a diffrent mantle.
Probably the same
its not called the health mantal its a health smoker it Despines a heling gas and its a booster item not a mantal
oh wopes um ya the health mantel IS the vitality mantel.
same, but one of them gives you more hp.
Get a thunder Mantle after defeating Kirin side quest
To get the Health mantle/vitality mantle speak to the field team leader after the zorah high rank mission
Not 100% sure about after the zorah high rank mission but you get it from the field team leader for sure
there are two other boosters a affinity booster and a cleanser booster. affinity: "place a smoker that incress affinity." cleanser: place a booster that removes abnormal status effects and elemental blights."
Where do you get affinity booster?
You get it from completing RRRRRUMBLE in the Waste quest where you hunt the normal and black diablos and then you go speak with the third fleet master
You get the Challenger Mantle from completing the mission The Red and Blue Crew.
I got the Vitality Mantle from the Field Team Leader after the Legiana assigned quest.
you get glider.
Cleanser is from nightmare wings optional quest from armory
Fireproof Mantle 7★ quest "A Fiery Convergence" showed up at The Armory for me after completing the 6★ quest "The Sleeping Sylvan Queen". No idea if there are any more quests tied to starting "A Fiery Convergence", but I thought I'd share that sense it seems pretty ambiguous how you actually start it.
"A Blaze on the Sand" is a 8-star quest, and not a 9-star quest.