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The health mantle sounds extremely similair to the vitality mantle, but as I have not finished the game ther could be a diffrent mantle.
Probably the same
its not called the health mantal its a health smoker it Despines a heling gas and its a booster item not a mantal
oh wopes um ya the health mantel IS the vitality mantel.
same, but one of them gives you more hp.
Get a thunder Mantle after defeating Kirin side quest
To get the Health mantle/vitality mantle speak to the field team leader after the zorah high rank mission
Not 100% sure about after the zorah high rank mission but you get it from the field team leader for sure
there are two other boosters a affinity booster and a cleanser booster. affinity: "place a smoker that incress affinity." cleanser: place a booster that removes abnormal status effects and elemental blights."
Where do you get affinity booster?
You get the Challenger Mantle from completing the mission The Red and Blue Crew.
I got the Vitality Mantle from the Field Team Leader after the Legiana assigned quest.
Cleanser is from nightmare wings optional quest from armory
Fireproof Mantle 7★ quest "A Fiery Convergence" showed up at The Armory for me after completing the 6★ quest "The Sleeping Sylvan Queen". No idea if there are any more quests tied to starting "A Fiery Convergence", but I thought I'd share that sense it seems pretty ambiguous how you actually start it.
"A Blaze on the Sand" is a 8-star quest, and not a 9-star quest.