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when t rex boi enraged he spikes on his tail
I don't suck in this game but mhw showed me middle finger 3 times in a row when reaching his final phase he just flew away from the map in seconds. Feeling demotivated.
Git gud of mhw
Aww look at those smol hands
I absolutely love this thing, it's a T-Rex but the bright pink head and it's punk looking fluffy vest give me a major vulture vibe. It's worth mentioning that some of its fire attacks come from that fancy nose, instead of the mouth like the wiki page says. It plays a sound effect that combines a flamethrower with someone blowing their nose.
Speaking about its nose, I haven't seen other monsters do this but Anjanath will sniff you out if you hide in the brush so watch out for that!
I killed 10 of these mfs I must kill more