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Trying to beat the anjanath from The Proving (using the Mudslide blade III). Does anyone have any good tips on beating it without fainting? If anyone could help that would be great, thanks. Psn Op_Applejack026
Tips: max potion, get 50 percent more life. Defense boost L meal. More armor. stay at his side. Dodge his move, hit him w axe after. Try to get his head from the side.Don't be so caught up on faints. That money reward is nothing. You will have too much money late game,. So many expensive monster parts.
Draw it back right away. Don't stay transformed too long. Unless you are sure you can tank it, prioritize less attacks, move more and change position after a quick combo or hit
What you should do is to make sure your always behind it. That fire breath of the Anjanath is very brutal and easily makes you faint. Be careful
pickles' little bro
Anjanath's Motto In Life:

"When in doubt, take a bite"
funny, I thought that was the Handler's quote for everything
Where is the charge blade tell me now
In ur item box, you start w it. Just look around
he means the Anjariath charge blade
It would've looked so cooooooool….


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Anja (I call him Anji) is to me like Rudy is to Buck. Every time I see that colossal fossil we have a showdown. I've also spent a great time studying him. I know his paths and habits, when he will be down by the ocean to look at the view. I also know good tips on bringing him down and avoiding his hitbox. Be warned I use hammers so take this with a grain of salt in how to work it into your weapon. First things first his hit box is crazy but he has a window. While facing you his attacks come mostly from his right, your left, so if you see him rear his head to take a bite do not dodge to the left, dodge to the right/middle, kinda angle yourself, it takes practice but once you get the hang of it you'll leave him wondering where you went. Second, his fire, he coughs up fire and that can hurt you up close, keep your distance enough but also to try and get around him. His big flame burst can be tricked into shooting away so long as you dodge correctly. Watch his mouth and actions, is he coughing and inhaling? Is he leaning back? Get ready to dodge because yer about to become bbq. The best place to attack is behind him, under the tail. Hammer users use the simple 'golf swing' combo here or the spin attack but be careful because he gets cheeky in how he side bashes and takes you with him. If you get too far away he will pounce you so keep close. When he brings the fights to areas with climbing shrooms or hills that allow hammer users to do their areal slide attack he is in the danger zone. Use that attack to deliver lots of damage and get a ride on him. Don't be cocky, remember if you make too much distance he will come after you. Riding, ah hopping on his back is fun but you know what's even more fun? Getting on his face and moving last second so he slams his face against a hard surface. Also use riding to break his back. When he gets rated his throat glows, smack it while it does this to break it like a pinata and get some shiny goodies. He's easy to stun but be warned sometimes he gets back on his feet quickly. When blinded he will still attack and he normally does lashes and side bashes. If he scoops you up hit the dodge button like your life depended on it as well as holding the directional button to a side to get out of the way before you get snapped. He sleeps high up in the trees, however his bed is made of vines and do not allow traps. Place a trap South of his position when you enter through the hole in the tree, to the right a bit on the hard ground, toss tranqs at his face and wake him up and stand behind the trap, he will go into it even if you see him go down a level just stay put and give him a second to climb back up. Remember you can catch a monster by tranqing it at any time, you just have to have it land in a trap later. So when he is down from a stun I suggest tranqing him. One more thing, when he does a terf war, take that time to hide and heal/sharpen weapons cause he likes to take a bit to beat up and chase off anyone trying to interfer. His tail attack is annoying but avoidable if you keep close/dodge to the right if facing behind him. He's weak to water but tbh I just beat him up with either a bone hammer or hammer made out of other Anjanath's lol. Good luck and remember, stay close and don't get cocky.
That's not how to trap. Or rather it's not the best way.You won't catch a colored rath this way.tranq first while it sleeps, get the head twice. Then put a shock trap. Instant capture. They can get out of a trap almost instantly . No time to tranquil.
His bed does not allow pitfall, but it does allow shock. Shock will capture it instantly after deploy. No need to wake it up. Pitfall is a classic, but if it's pure capturing, school is better
is this your life story
Heh, I have 3 plates and I've only hunted one 3 times... I get a LOT of luck in this game. But as much as I despise this monster, I feel a bond with it whenever we fight, like as if it's some sort of epic showdown...
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Same with Me and Deviljho but mine is the WORLD EATER yours is a turkey that breaths fire
Once your more experienced it is =P back when I was in low rank the thing was all of mankinds nightmares. with FIRE
Anjanath would actually be a fair challenge for deviljho, they both have similar builds.
thanks for the info I will use it to help me take it on for the first mission against it but isn't there a better armor other than bone to take it on? Also thanks for telling me that the head is a good place to strike it makes since because its the hardest to hit also water element weapon's is easy to know that its the best element against it because it uses fire
Do you use water or fire armor?
You'll want to use fire resistant armor (and a water weapon from Jyuratodus). If this is your first time against Anjanath, I believe the Bone armor has the best fire resistance until you unlock the Anjanath armor after fighting it (which will help you against Rathlos and Rathian later).
Yes, use water resistant armor against the fire breathing monster.