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just got my self my bow and quick shot the crap out of it
yeah that easy
Took my first one out with the hammer. The spin seems to work well against them.
Sorry lads, but I have to inform you that the greatest weapon for dealing with any monster is in fact, The Great Sword XD
Honestly just farm the jyuratodus quest until you can forge a water weapon if your having trouble dealing damage
Can the gem drop from hard when you capture him?
Yes. All carve drops are found in the rewards for capturing any monster.
Not good way. Gold reward investigation. Much higher drop. High rank Investigation quest is how to farm.


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This fella' has some Heckin' bad congestion- smack his nasty snooter with a big Juicy Ham until you've got him on the ropes folks.

- Happy Huntin from your friendly Ham Usin' Hunter, The Ham Lord. PSN: TheLordOfHams
Me: hey can I Uuuuuhhhhh D O D G E?
Anjanath: Hitbox Machine broke nibba
he has invisible swords on the backs of his legs.
I'm farming this now and I'm using dual swords with water damage, best way to knock down Anjanath to stand under the neck and demon slash the mother out of it!
I beat him using Jagra armor and a Barroth switchaxe. He had me down to my last life, but thankfully I was finally able to do it. Thanks also in part to Rathian coming in while he was on the ropes and picking his butt up and power slamming him into the ground for a nice 705 points of damage. After that I literally hit him one time and he was dead.
Says water is it's greatest weakness. I call bulls**t!! My flammenzahn does a better job of killing it.
idk if I'm just blind but I don't see a charge blade for the anja.