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Mr Fire Breath Murderosaurus
Anja: you weak hahahahaha (you just grab your gluttonous cannon) Anja: Oh GOD NO
what is the gluttonous cannon?
I need inferno sacs any tips?
Any fire elemental MR monster will do. Or you could just send the Argosy out to bring back “materials”. This will include monster materials, and there is a high chance these sacks will be included. But that also goes for any other type of sack, so keep that in mind.
uhh inferno sacs MOSTLY drops from HR monsters. So farm those instead
I swear to god they’ve made this ****er hard since I played a year or so ago. I used to be able to kill him no problem and now he seems impossible. He leaves the locale every single time I come close to killing him and I don’t know how many times I’ve come close to yeeting my controller into the wall from rage.
This thing scares the **** out of me. My early experiences in the game involve this thing showing up at the worst times, often right smack behind me.
I call this thing the Russian Rex
is it just me or is Anjanath super easy to beat?
Yes and no, if you don't know what you are going up against, you can get pummeled to the ground
yeah, anjanath is super easy to beat sense I got the defender great-sword lll
So This thing is the pickle in low rank basically ?
in order to kill vaal i had to kill this guy trillions of times
Walnut Nose