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Lay out of controls is fantastic, it's missing the Power Guard though.

Good job, and thanks.
Don't Know the name of it but r1 and 0 , while it's charging press x, depletes your stamina fast though
That's the Power Guard. He added it to the end of the list.
"Slow and Heavy" Are you kidding me? The only thing even remotely bad about Lance's mobility and speed, is maybe turning, and how stamina-intensive it is.
None of the pics or links work for this Lance page
What abilities affect the Lance's charge attack?
Guarding and then pressing Tri+Cir allows you to initiate a dash; holding up on L3 and then pressing X allows you to jump up, at which time you can use a jump attack. Is it possible to mount monsters this way without the use of a ledge or a slope?
Wide Sweep seems to do more tripping damage to the legs than other attacks. It seems really easy to trip monsters with it in single player.
In the list of "Lance Controls" it does not include the 3 attacks available after a power guard. One specific one is the circle input that is unique to that move.
Thanks for being xbox friendly.....