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Hammer + Vaal = Vaal be ded.
looks the part but is VERY weak to fire
This thing scares the pants off me and I dread to fight him simply because I have bad resource management
Finally, a dragon that gives you the S U C C
The easiest elder Dragon in the game it's a joke fight it you know how to deal with it. I knew I could farm it after the first one.
for AT I think Teo is easier.
since a dead body gets weak after it gets wet why his he not hurt by water?
Vaal Hazak is not dead, he is wearing the corpses of flesh of other dead monsters that he has hooked on with his hook like claws.
Why are so many people complaining about his effluvium when you can equip 3 miasma jewels and be fully immune?
Because it's not a fun mechanic.
Cause nobody has that type of stuff
Vaal hazak to taki potwór zgnileij doliny co jest szkeletosmokiem i pochlania energie girrosom i dmucha tá enrgiá .