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i just noticed but using a ghillie mantle makes you to immune to the effluvia all across the rotten vale
Corection: Vitality
Its not making you immune its just doing "tick" damage against the mantle instead of your HP until it hits the max damage the vitality mantle absorbs, TBH for new players hunting him the vitality mantle is best saved for when/if he moves to the 3rd spot (the longer narrow path) as there is far less room to dodge her attacks
Its not making your immune its just doing "tick" damage against the mantle instead of your health, IMO the mantle is better saved for the his 3rd move for newer players as its a very narrow path and much harder to dodge the attacks at times
do elder dragons show up on expeditions? I just beat nirgigante and i need to farm him.
You can farm elder dragons by repeating the quest he appears in through optional quests or you'll sometimes get investigations to kill them. They don't appear in expeditions.
I can't decide on which dual blades to use. The Nergal Gouge or the Rookslayer Handaxes. Which one would be good against all 3 of the Elder Dragons?
Nergal is good against all three. The Teostra is fairly resistant to blast.
How long does it take to shatter this thing 's head? I've been going at it so many times and never have I broken it. I'm using dual blades but might switch to hammer.
Elder Dragons can only have their heads broken after they reach a certain health threshold. The best indicator of this is when they retreat to their nest. If you are having trouble breaking horns, etc. try waiting until they retreat to their nest, setting two Mega Bomb Barrels down, using a Might pill (only lasts 30 seconds) and hitting it (and the barrels) with your best attack. The first hit will trigger the sleep multiplier and you will usually get the break. Hope this helps!
i just broke the val haazaks face solo yesterday and i was shocked, but i have tried hammer, insect glaive, dua blades even the hunting horn. what finally did it was the xeno metora bow, dragonking eyepatch a, dragonking eyepatch a, dober mail b, kaiser vembraces b, nergi coil b, kaiser greaves b, breaker charm (i only have level 1) vitality mantle and affinity booster, and a lot of nulberries, potions, mega potions, honey and herbs, demon drug, armorskin etc............ took me 28 minutes to kill it, and 15 to break its head. just keep shooting its head, use the power coating, poision coating and blast and bring extra vials to make more. this was the first time using bow too. im happy with the results. oh and my armor is not fully upgraded yet still have 2 or 3 upgrades left on all of it.
I broke it with a corona, fire sword and shield. Try to jump on it, esp in the acid water area, a few small rocks you can leap from. When you mount it, get the head, when it falls, head again. You don't have to go specifically for his head all the time. I find it inconvenient since my weapon has low reach. Takes time and I get hit more. Just go for the feet, when he is knocked down, be sure to take the head. I don't know about the health threshold thing. I can break the head of Val before he goes to the nest. Two mega barrel bombs while he sleeps,really help. Maybe those deal extra part damage?
Rule of thumb, if you want to break/sever Elder Dragon parts, use weapons with Dragon Element. There's no HP threshold to break them or that they have to be limping back to their nest or whatever. That just means they are dying and you have less chances of breaking their parts. This applies to the big 4; Nergigante, Kushala Daora, Teostra and his Waifu, and Vaal Hazak. Special mention goes to DevilJho, which AFAIK you can break/sever his parts with non-dragon weapons, but with great difficulty.
you need to hit the head as often as possible. the breakable parts have their own lifebar basicaly.
I've always wondered what's under all those corpses... ugh...
More corpses..
Is there a glitch to capture elder dragons? Or will capturing them break the game?
No. You can't catch them... Even with a glitch you can't and I mean can't catch even if you do glitch it you probably never be able to use it again. Also if you are new then I'll tell you that an elder dragon is not capturable... Don't be that guy who places a trap by the sleeping dragon cause it won't work. You'll end up failing the quest. How do I know? I watched a noob try to catch nergi. I'll tell you that nergi made a blood spatter of the person who did it and that person costed me a nergi gem... Just don't try it. For the sake of the community. You kill the elder not capture it.
He cost me a nergi gem, hes an ***, i didnt like playing with him after that.
I beat a 15 min investigation, solo. Use a small weapon, sword and shield, dual blades. I tried great sword, but I'm hitting the armored legs too much. Didn't make it in time. Small one, stick to the chest. Fire element or dragon. Be very aggressive. Took him down w one min and 9 seconds to spare.


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i mean i farm 15 min tempered missions, i usually have him dead in about 8 minuits
You do realize only difference between high rank and tempered is they hit harder. No hp difference
You are struggling if it takes you 48 minutes to kill him.
Took him out with Legiana armor. It helps keep your damage to a minimum fairly often and also would help you farm for the fangs with its luck boost. Especially great for mounters with an addition of increased air attack.
The chance of the damage decrease works against anything that could hurt you, be it the miasma or his breath attack, or a rude mernos.
worst boss ever. who ever created this needs to die
Or you just need to git gud


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Hés quite easy when you know it’s patterns, and when you want his armor, you get to know it all, considering the unbelievable amount of times you have to farm it.
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What type of damage is his breath attack? His Arch-Tempered version is so damn strong with it, how can i lower the damage?
Assuming his weapons are any indication he naturally deals Dragon Element, which ironically is one of 2 elements he's weakest against. Equip Dragon Res jewels (+20 & bonus +10 def) and take a veggie meal (15) in the canteen. It helps a lot if you have a build that starts out with a positive Dragon Res value.

When Arch Tempered Kirin was around, I made sure to have my Thunder Res above 40. At that point his 2 insane charged-up lightning bolt attacks stopped 1-shotting me, taking only about 40% of my HP. The same principle should apply to Vaal Hazak's elemental attacks.