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Joke of a fight for long reach melee. Hopefully by this stage you'll have the Palico gadget that will paralyze this boss and you'll get free attacks here and there for first and last phase area (same area btw). Oh and bring nullberries for this, lots of them.

Stay under his belly. You do not need to cut his tail unless you want to farm that (it is that useless!) focus on the head, front legs and belly. His attacks are mostly the effluvium blast but later on he'll switch to effluvium bomb. Honestly, it's worth it to get hit by the bomb than waste opportunity to dish out damage should he use the blast ability instead. His front swipes are easily dodgeable. That's pretty much all there is. Pretty easy fight compared to Kushala and Teostra.


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Do not stay under its belly as it has an attack that will stun you then it will go on its back legs and come back down so if you are under it you will be stunned and damaged by it coming back down to all fours. If you are using long range melee stay to its left and right side but at an angle to hit its weak parts. (Sharp/Tail and head) (Blunt/Head) (Range/Head)
wrong pigs
So I have been playing solo through the campaign... funny, I found Teostra way too easy.
"Hopefully by this stage you'll have the Palico gadget that will paralyze this boss"
Traps don't work on elder dragons
I think he meant palico weapon. Kitty of the vale paras
If your palico can mount a girros then you can paralyze him. Or if you use a girros weapon. Of course shock traps wont work. But that status effect still works. It just needs a lot of build up to get him to actually pralyze
This***** is weak on fire.
long sword tree requires Dipterus II which does Water and he is resistant to water... ironic right?
plunder blade palico equipment gives Vaal Hazak Carapace, Deceased Scale, and Vaal Hazak Membrane
Don't forget talon. I wish it gave us Fangs...
The safest place to attack him from using a melee weapon is just behind him. His tail swipe does fairly little damage if it catches you, and the same goes for his spinning bite. It also means he cannot hit you with his beam attack, and because his miasma AoE comes from his head, you will have the most time to run if directly behind him. Just beware of the tiny damage the miasma trail he leaves behind causes.

P.S. For any first timers fighting him with a shield, you can block all of his attacks excluding his miasma attacks. Run like hell. You can dodge roll through the beam as well, if you time it properly.
Is there a source or something that explains how he came to be or why he has this relationship with the vale? Was he tainted or something?
Who cares? Its a Monster Hunter game, you're there to "research" your cat a new hat.
@reply lol
This game has holes in the story in which the developers left for us to do our own interpretation on whats happening or what has happened, which is a good thing, makes for a more interesting story, they give you how it began and what happens after. Where those ends meet is up to you, the player.
kind of seems like he's the spawn of the rot and decay, as he seeps effluvial gas... which permeates the vale, alongside all the other rot of the dead.
The girros coil negates efluvia DOT. Would probably be useful
his status effect is diffrent from the vale effect
Girros Coil negates effluvia environmental damage. That is, when you go through areas like that one spot where all the little girros' hang out with all the clouds of effluvia around, it prevents you from taking damage every second you're in those clouds. When the little Girros attack you enough times, though, they can still inflict an effluvium status effect on you from effluvium buildup. What you need to prevent that, and to help against Vaal Hazak, is the Effluvium Resistance decorations.
Vaal Hazak is also a target monster in the quest, “A summons from below”
It also has an odogaron
Heck I haven’t even fought this guy yet. I hope it won’t be a “ROTTEN” experience. Hehehe he he he.... I a bad person aren’t I. Make me feel bad in replies. I deserve it.
Honestly I think that joke is kinda "DEAD" Get it?
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