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first and easiest monster in the game, anything can beat it in a turf war
Unless its a normal jagras
You those dislikes? That's the Jagras pack planning your downfall.
Great Jagras is a great way to gather money. Grab some fire twin blades and the Bandit Mantle. Armor with +Fire Damage and +Attack can make the whole thing go faster. Then go for the 6 star free quest. At the start of the quest using meat is a good idea to keep you in Demon Mode longer. Footprints are pretty much right at the start of camp 1 so it shouldn't take much time to track him down. Once you see him hit the bandit mantle then go crazy. Note that the triangle circle demon mode is frame locked, and sometimes mid-combo he gets knocked down from weapon reach causing a small time loss. He'll probably try to run around the first few hits so trapping/flashing him can improve things a bit (or use that time to pickup the drops). The twin blade's fast attack speed means the bandit mantle procs a lot and you'll get trade in drops. Be sure to avoid trap finishing and actually finish him off completely. This gives a full minute to pick up bandit mantle drops which are more valuable. At the end of the quest sell everything except maybe armor upgrade mats and crystals. Selling these, the mantle drops, and the 5k from the quest can generally get you close to 50k. The average run time tends to run about 3 minutes. Best time I got was about 1:40.
got a gold crown at 1387.07
I got a miniature gold crown at 976.50



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I got 976.60 but guy below has 976.50 and for large 1375.98
Great Jagras reminds me of iguanas but with a bigger mane along the spine.
Yeah, and great jagras could swallow prey whole. Real iguanas, like green/common iguanas were herbivorous.
Aptonoth=Plant CONFIRMED
yeah exactly and green iguanas are also commonly abused/ neglected cuz people dont bother to know what they actually need and are like OH ITS A TINY LIZARD IT WILL STAY SMALL (dies due to neglect) OH MY GOD (Goes to zoo) I HAD AN IGUANA THIS ISNT A GREEN IGUANA THEY STAY SMALL(no mam they get 6 ft long yours was abused) WELL CRAP
Got a gold crown at 1997.39 Xbox one
Bring paralysis weapon.
I use the hammer.
Full attack + crit + paralysis attack gear.
2 minutes to find and kill!