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Feed to frampt, the items aren't that useful.
Best weapon for an INT build
Best weapon for an INT build? bruh just cut off Seathe's tail you pleb
Did your mother vaccinate you instead of your more intelligent brother? Bcuz I have never seen a more stupider comment.
More stupid, not stupider.
*cough* sarcasm *cough*
The Crystal Ring Shield you get from this soul has 90% magic resistance, witch matches Havel's Greatshield AND comes with a cool (mostly gimmickey) ranged attack. At least it's good at blocking those annoying Channeler soul arrows or the 4 Kings really slow projectiles.
no you cant find the soul in crystal cave. those butterflies don't drop boss souls
he dont like seath but he give 8,000 for flying butter wtf
"huge amount" boi by the time you get to darkroot 1200 is NOTHING (unless you wanna kill it that early but theres no point)


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I feel like someone forgot to add a zero to this thing's value, and just figured they'd keep it that way to troll players.