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By Anonymous
when you go up to the observation deck behind the workshop, you see an area thaat is like steped waterfalls. Does this area unlock later in the game or is is just a tease?
By Anonymous
The punctuation in this article is non-existent. Protip: LESS monster hunting; MORE (better?) education.
By Anonymous
......which is a superb rpg!!! Beginners shouldn't worry too much about how fast they can rank up in my experience just stick to the assigned quests if you're that bothered about a high hunter rank. YOU WILL NOT RANK UP DOING OPTIONAL QUESTS, EXPEDITIONS, EVENTS, OR INVESTIGATIONS IN THE EARLY STAGES OF THE GAME. This is the first game in the series that I've played and I must say I'm having an absolute blast, and this is best tip I can give you. You will find out quite early on that the levelling up in this title is completely different to most of the games you will have played so far.....if you can get past that then you're golden. Oh, also..take advantage of the delivery ship every time it turns up.......you can order things from the captain such as Trade-In Items, Consumables, Rare Crafting Items, etc.........................Personally, I always order Trade-In Items because for just a few Research Points you can make some serious Money. For instance, the last order I put in cost me just under 1000 research points and I made 22,500z. Well worth it!!!

Good luck and happy hunting!!!
By Anonymous
REALLY!!! WOW. What order did you put in to get you that much money?
By Anonymous
Just play, and enjoy it for what it is......