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Early on players should focuse on?
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Try focusing on getting to know the weapon that you choose, this will help in the long run for sure. I have one weapon of every type for my switch axe and I never have to worry about who I go up against.
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Learning the large monster's move set and animations, look for what can interrupt those animations, look for places where they have openings; i.e. when Anjanath does his flame thrower attack, his head isn't moving and is very close to the ground and open for pounding for about 3 glorious seconds.
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I would also learn the environment. Use it to your advantage. Vine traps in a tree? Goad the Anjanath into charging it to cause to catch itself. Barroth trouble? Lead it to the quicksand pit to get attacked by Diablos. Diablos trouble? Get him to charge towards a wall and get it's horns stuck. All three of these things will stop the monster in their tracks and provide you with an opening to just unload and deal some major damage.
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i suggest not to rush the game unless there is an event that needs a specific requirement for you to join. When i say don't rush the game, i mean take time to complete all elemental weapons early on and slowly upgrade them as you progress. it will help bigtime on high level Quest.
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Git Gud
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playing the game? you don't need a progress route on mh
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YOU might not need a progress guide.. others might find it useful.
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Progress in terms of large monsters and the order at which you should attempt them, would be nice.. like farming Anjanath to get your first fire armour to then try for Rathalos then Rathian ect..
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Probably the easiest way to view progress is loot, you want a cool armour set, look at the monster weakness and find a weapon for it, if no weapon is available go and farm it. rinse and repeat, now if you want to farm easy monster's then go on SoS quests as this wil save alot of time and effort. And when it comes to hunting in general always at minimum bring 5 herbal medicine, 10 mega health potions, 2 traps, 10 tranq bombs and a slinger ammo if possible.
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As i have notice while playing the game farming the large monster materials such as rathalos or diablos is vital for gaining materials for crafting is great, i believe it is best to farm the smaller monsters as it come to a point where you will need all the extra materials for example the hornitaur materials for the odogoran armor including the odogoran materials. Besides armor and weapons money or (zenny) is the thing the whole game revolves around, gaining a good amount is great which allows weapon/amor forging or purchasing a brease or your to lazy to craft the materials for postions buy lets say 99x potions from the auctioneer, which is about 3000 zenny 3000-4000 zenny so getting a good quest and adding a voucher is a good idea you can find the optional quest in the coral highlands from a palicoe village which gives you the quest to slay 2 Titzi-ya-ku's for 9000 zenny you can double that to 18000 zenny by adding a voucher which you get from the loggin bonus you get daily, and if you don't know this the quest is a maximum of one player, as for doing quests or hard to do missions,optional,investigations,or events play it with players its helpful to play with other people but with friends is better then any random group because of communication purposes, although fighting with friends or randoms may increase the difficulty or (health in the monsters) its good for the monster to have a distraction "if you know what i mean ;D" oh and finally just be ready for a mission coming to antidotes, herbal medicines, potions, tranqs, and traps. so hope this post helps and if you actually read all of this have a good day.
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Essentially, the most important elements in the game are knowing what combos your weapon can do, learning the monsters' movements, and upgrading your gear when you feel the game is getting too difficult. Expeditions are a great way to learn what a monster does without penalties. Armor (elemental weaknesses and stats) and monster physiology (field guide) both give hints as to what a moster is weak to. For weapons, dont compare atk of one weapon to another (look up "monster hunter bloated attack). Optional quests can also give upgrades (the ones that have speech bubbles) or are just good practice. Other than that, just experiment with your setups until you find something you like.

Theres so many more details, but this is probably the best summary i can come up with, and dont forget to take your time and enjoy the game! (rushing it may change your view)
By Enviola
Here’s a little tip. Whenever you start ANY quest, take EVERYTHING from the Free Box. Obviously, you should share with your teammates, but once everybody is stocked up, take everything else. I see so many people overlooking this, especially when it comes to the ammo and coatings because it doesn’t apply to their melee weapons.

Then, walk into the tent, put it into your item box, rinse and repeat until there’s none left.
Many people don’t realize that YOU CAN SELL THIS AMMO! (you can sell other stuff too but the ammo is the real cash cow.)
Yes you only get 1 or 2 zenny per bullet but it stacks up fast! Especially fast if you party up frequently which multiplies the free ammo.
You can easily generate thousands of free zenny this way.

Sell their own supplies back to them.
You’re basically a pirate.
By Anonymous
You're better off hunting a high rank monster and sell all the loot, for like one investigation or two. If you think you're making zenny with bullets, you've missing out on the "Sell all" button at the end of a quest.... once you've killed a monster a couple of times there's no point farming all those mats unless you really want to use that melting pot late game.
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Considering high rank great Jagras can be captured in less than 2 minutes, and 1 run without the bandit mantle will get you 20k-40k zinny, you are losing money selling ammo.
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Can someone please put together a table of the experience required for each "unlocked" hunter rank? -Thank you!
By Anonymous
Wouldn't that be kind of difficult since MH doesn't show the numerical values for exp?