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Bagal taught me to bring poop to every hunt when I was new. thank you Bagalgoose.
It's Bazelgeuse, bro. But that's hilarious.
pronounced 'Bey-zuhl-jooz'
Finally! Illiterate swine keep calling it "Bayzelgeese" for some reason, lol
I think Bazel has wind pressure (or tremors if I'm wrong) when he dive bombs and/or smashes his bombs when standing on the ground. I got stunned when did this once or twice, even thought I didn't take any damage. Will have to do some testing.
Ironic that he never shows up when you need him, and always shows up when he's unwanted.
Literally most of my friends
He's the uninvited guest in all the areas. And of course when you deliberately go hunting him, all the other monsters in the area decide to return the favor, especially in Elder's Recess. Everyone native to the area is an interrupting jerk. Except Dodogama. Precious Boi.
“The community has given him nicknames such as B-52 bomber and flying ******.” I died
So did many hunters.
As much of a nuisance as he is, he's the coolest looking monster to me, tied with Zinogre
I swear when he dives I can hear the Jericho trumpet
If you get a 5 killstreak, you can call him in.