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Just found him in the ancient forest. This thing is a nightmare
Was farming anjanath and was encounter him several times i noticed he spawn in 15 minutes into the hunt and flys to locations where there fighting
Found him in the Coral Highlands and the Rotten Vale
I found him already in every single Location... very nice if you are fighting black diablos


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Showed up during a my first high rank mission a Barroth hunt andjust leveled the map..on the bright side my palico is rockin some sweet Bezelgeuse gear now
Drop rate for gem seems to be even less than others, killed 11 and captured 7 - no gem drop from carves or rewards.
Try high rank investigations, that require you to hunt him, with gold tier rewards
at lest you can trade for it with a golden ticket
Really? I got it on my first Bazelgeuse Hunt.


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f@#$ this guy, always showing up when I'm fighting another big beast. lol


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I've killed about 15 so far and have only gotten enough carapaces to make 2 of the armor pieces. So I definitely think the drop on that is lying
I killed 5 and had enough mats to make the whole armor set.
I killed 7, captured 5 and had enough mats to make both aplha and beta armors sets. Also have some weapons from it, Just capture him, and you´ll be good.
I did not know it was possible that a Bazelgeuse and a Rathalos could both interrupt a High rank Rathian mission, now I know.....

Thanks Capcom
Trying to juggle this, a Rathian and an Azure Rathalos is ridiculous.