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Doesn't count aerial attacks with an Insect Glaive
Confirmed. Just tested. What a shame.
So I've found... Smh could've been amazing
The only way to jump in this game is either with Insect Glaive, or to literally jump of a cliff down on a monster, so only IG users would've found this skill useful. It had one job: to help IG users. AND IT FAILED!
Lol I literally came here to post this
Doesn't work for jump attacks with a Hammer either...
I got knocked back with SnS jump attacks with this on, still. I don't know if flinch free would stack with this, but it doesn't seem to help with those jump attacks regardless.
Does not work for dual blades blender slide jump while in air or just regular jump blender either .
Is Vaulting with an Insect Glaive considered jumping?
Nope babey, this skill only works for ledge jumps, completely garbage for IG users.
Whats the point in having this in the game if it doesn't work with insect glave. smh
the only usefull thing about this i see is maybe when monster will drop from a ledge and u jump super close to him he will not knock you out when u wanna mount his ***... cause it happened to me few times


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Also does not work during Longsword's Helmsplitter jump. Sad times.
The one thing I was hoping to use it for, and my only reason for checking down here. Thanks for the info, regardless if it's bad news.
Doesn't count for GS aerials. Maybe it's just anti-roar/wind during the jump but not the attack?
This seems to be working while jumping if you're NOT attacking. As soon as you commit to an attack during your jump, the knockback resistance is off.