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After 20 or so captures, I finally got a plate.
After about 7-8 tries (capture attempts) I got a plate from carving its tail
Got 1 from carving Rathalos body in special arena quest.
I have caught 15 and still nothing. 10 of those times I cut the tail and carved it.
out of two event quests ( every hunters dream) my palico gathered and plate with plunder blade
Lol getting monster bone + is difficult for me. Even though at a 10% quest drop chance, I have only gotten two from one set of quest rewards out of 5 captures and 20 hunts. Why is rng messing with me... I've carved it's plate 2 times and even got the rathalos plate again TWICE IN A SINGLE QUEST REWARD WHICH IS 3% PER PLATE. ODDS LESS THAN 1% HOW GAME JUST GIVE ME MY MONSTER BONE + PLEASE
How do I smelt items for this?