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Triangle x3, Triangle + Circle, Triangle, Circle, Triangle x2 is my favorite combo so far. If you have the time/safety for it.
In case I typed the inputs wrong: Three hit basic combo, upthrust, downthrust, burst fire, wide sweep, wyvern stake .
Nah, better Combo: upthrust, downthrust, burst fire, wide sweep, quickreload -> downthrust, burst fire, wide..... repeatable for ever, until a) monster is dead b) monster ran away c) your weapon is dull (<- most likely this one)
If you have more time then the other comment after the burst fire and sweeping hit, quick reload, triangle and burst again depending on the battle I've gotten 3 bursts off before i impale him.


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I've been playing since Tri and I've never used the gunlance until now. What is wrong with me?! This thing is fantastic!
Gunlance was an abused middle child for a number of years. It hit its lowest point/peak in Gen when they introduced a heat gauge intended to be a big buff to help it shore up its damage output. Instead it just made the lance even weaker.
Gunlance is very powerful weapon is used correctly but sadly its not very popular. Don't see it as much as other weapons in multiplayer.
Im slowly beginning to learn it because of its awesome move pool
I find a lot of people don't have the patience to use it, same problem with the Hunting Horn. It kind of makes them unique though.
it's slow, clunky, and has an awkward moveset. if you get past these facts, it's an awesome weapon to use, but in comparison to longsword, bow, or dual blades, using this weapon feels like slogging through mud.
I love this weapon, I like the mix of defensive and offensive capabilities.
Thrust and Burst'em up!



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NOTE: There is a Fake Gunlance Page there is no such thing as a Blazing Gunlance 3 I would delete it but idk how too delete pages
Having two of them in your group and the battle turns into a warzone.
Do the shells deal blast damage?
No, it's just neutral damage


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Shells deal True Damage, meaning they are unaffected by Monster Body Part multipliers. See the article on Attack Power for more info. "Blast" is a Status Effect and is only dealt by weapons that list it alongside their physical damage in the equipment info panel.