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Is this a flat increase to your attacks? Like if I only have physical damage will this add +30 or is it like I have 30 Dragon damage it'll add +30 more?
It seems this is not the case.
In addition i dont see any value in stage 4 and 5 cause every Weapon in MHW is capped at max. +80 Dragon dmg
Death Stench Alpha Armor Set has this skill
Does this skill work on dragon ammo for bowguns, or just for melee weapons? I was using dragon ammo on AT Vaal Hazak with Dragon Attack lvl 4 and I didn't notice any difference in the damage numbers



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Is there any weapon that actually uses the +10% damage? Is that just, 10% extra damage? Im not seeing a boost in the raw damage or the element damage...
Yes, all of them with all elements

For example, Taroth Blaze Thunder goes from 750 thunder damage to 1000 at max thunder attack rather than just the 850 you'd expect.

Alatreons Great sword does similar, going from 820 to 1084.

As far as I can tell, most high rarity master rank weapons have no elemental cap from play testing, but I have no definitive proof.
For decorations there is the dragon jewel witch i got from the elder melder.
I think that the Vaal Hazak Braces γ are missing from this list