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I need 1 of these to finish my set -_-
same. figure its about the same drop rate as rath plate from past games prolly about 10% or less
I also need one but no luck -_-
I got one on my first kill. It's just luck of the draw for these kind of items.
I need one for the Vaal chestplate... Its ridiculus: Gathering the stuff necessary from the elder dragon is easy, but getting that one piece from an ugly dog? No chance.



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Welcome to RNG, my friend. Where the stars don't matter and the drop rates are made up!

For real though, sounds like you're just having some bad luck.
Hey i know this is late to the party but you can meld one with a silver wyverian print....
Used a voucher on my first capture and got two. My game crashed at the mission complete screen, and when I loaded the game back up, it had deleted the rewards for that quest. Have captured or killed about 15 since, and have yet to see a single plate to complete my armour set.
I got 4 of these from a single high rank kill, no voucher. I got one from a tail carve, one from body carve, and two from rewards. All I need is the gem but 15 kills in still no gem.
I got a plate not knowing it was rare and I sold it now I can't find another one

lol idiot