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By Anonymous
There are 2 typos in the in-game description for these:
1)There are 2 spaces between "for" and "their;" "...known for their resistance..."
2)There is no space between the first two paragraphs, like every thing else has
By Anonymous
Combined with the Desert Sroceress' Pushup Bra, the armor combination creates a leather brazier. Great for female fashion souls (old news, but I might as well mention it in the wiki)
By Anonymous
the word is corset, but yeah! i came here to say this. top tier for femboy fashion souls, i wear knights helm for the armor look and abyss watcher gauntlets for the elbow high gloves and gauntlet. looks great, plus reversal ring of course.
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By Grim_Reaper
Great for fashion souls. Try it out with Dancer-, Fire Witch- and Herald armor chest pieces and see for yourself.