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There are 2 typos in the in-game description for these:
1)There are 2 spaces between "for" and "their;" "...known for their resistance..."
2)There is no space between the first two paragraphs, like every thing else has
Combined with the Desert Sroceress' Pushup Bra, the armor combination creates a leather brazier. Great for female fashion souls (old news, but I might as well mention it in the wiki)
the word is corset, but yeah! i came here to say this. top tier for femboy fashion souls, i wear knights helm for the armor look and abyss watcher gauntlets for the elbow high gloves and gauntlet. looks great, plus reversal ring of course.



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Great for fashion souls. Try it out with Dancer-, Fire Witch- and Herald armor chest pieces and see for yourself.