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I was kind of disappointed with this thing. Sure it does good damage, has a nice running attack combo, but the range is abysmal. Also correct me if I am wrong, but it's damage against armored enemies like the Pursuer was greatly diminished due to it being a blunt weapon. Club +4 and it was dealing hardly anything against the Pursuer boss.

For clearing levels, I'd say you couldn't do much worse than the Club. It's terrible range and lack of sweeping attacks can often get you into trouble when fighting multiple enemies. For some bosses, it's also delivers very little damage. The un-upgraded Fire Longsword was outperforming it for most applications. It's a fun weapon to use, but seems niche, in that it's very situational. Perhaps only good for PvP ?
You must be doing something wrong, strike is hands down the best damage type in the game due to how many enemies are weak against it. All armored foes are weak to it especially, so Pursuer should be getting rekt by it.
You been smoking something funny? it does lack range, but it does have sweep attacks, and it does a lot of damage... also, as the guy below said, strike damage is great against armor. you must have been swinging around a low durability club two handed, or mistaken it for the mace.
How do you manage to mess up killing the pursuer with a +4 strike weapon? Did you break it?
its such a good weapon but it looks like absolute ****
I decided to do a joke run were I used power-stanced clubs and tried to get as strong as possible, so I got all the soul boosting gear as soon as possible. I just beat the sinner and I'm already level 80. I was joking when I called them my beat sticks but wow. This is kinda sad. I tried summoning the power of god to smite my foes with heavenly lightning, but hitting them with a stick was just so much more effective. And this thing has a wicked combo. Power-stance R1->L1. The second hit comes out WAY faster then if you just hit L1 and it's great for a finisher. It never occurred to me to mix up the attacks like that before. I wanna test other power-stances now.