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The price for using "xD" will be $89,00 sir
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did you really just say "89,00" do you mean 8,900 or 89,000 don't try to roast if your doing that
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anyone know how to get his gem to drop?
I think you just gotta hit him and it will fly onto the platform in collosal quest idk how to spell
It's random and very low, just keep beating him.
use a lucky voucher and you'll more than likely get a gem to drop during second encounter with zorah
this wiki is awful, it tells you next to nothing about everything and to make it worse it's confusing. SO what it does tell you is practically useless
Fextralife is good, just takes forever to get filled as they are pretty ruthless in their factchecking
Better than the wikia which is litterally empty when it comes to world
Magdaros does return as a random limited optional quest from time to time. Zorah is fought in stages. First one you are climbing around its back and trying to take down magma cores. Usuallly Nergigant also shows up to harass hunters on his back. During the second stage you're defending the barrier with ballistae and cannons, so here skills like Heavy Artillery and Pro Transporter er very useful.
In the repeating quest can you break the magma core on it's head? I never can seem to pull it off.
During the first phase probably not because he goes on all fours to quickly. When defending the barricade however he might decide to headbutt it at which point you can climb on top of his head to destroy it. Not sure if it is more worth while to do this or just keep blasting it with cannons.
Don't bother, the drops from magma core is carcapace or scale. Very common item.
you can hit his head magma core when he is on 2 feats or use the balista but it take alot of shots also hit the stalagmite wen he is under his head for cheast you can clime his legs wen on 2 feats or the balista on the ship
Need explanations on how to break the chest. I heard people were running up the arms to attack the chest when he is near the barricade. I also hear you can jump on the head after he head butts barricade then wait for him to return to normal position and attack the tip of the nose supposedly?
Head is too easy to break. All the cannons on the wall will hit the head. It will always break. Guaranteed. For the chest. Use the ballista, aim low and raid his chest armor. The damage is low, but it shoots fast and base has so much health. Keep at it. After a few reloads the chest will break and future ballista shots there will deal 40 damage each. I think the lower cannons on the ship may reach the chest. Just jump down to it. Ballista is good enough for that tho.
Let me update my comment, you can break the chest twice. More chances of getting the pleura. You can also just get it randomly in quest reward.
Such an epic monster!<3 The bigger, the better!