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Affinity crit deals 125% damage
This is a fine note, Critical Boost increases this value
And the ranged weapons ?
diablos shatterer two has highest attack in game
Because hammers are OP
The example damage calculation is incorrect, right? 100 x 1.2 x .26 x .45 = 14.04, NOT 12.
OP here: I see why! Buster Sword III has green sharpness, NOT blue sharpness. So without the blue sharpness modifier, it's 100 x .26 x .45 = 11.7 = 12 (rounded UP).
These are false numbers. The true numbers to calculate raw attack are : - Great Sword 4.8 - Long Sword 3.3 - Sword and shield 1.4 - Dual blades 1.4 - Hammer 5.2 - Hunting horn 4.2 - Lance 2.3 - Gunlance 2.3 - Switch axe 3.5 - Charge blade 3.6 - Insectglaive 3.1 - Bow 1.2 - Light bowgun 1.3 - Heavy bowgun 1.5
Outdated after Iceborne
What should I lean towards more: Attack or Affinity boosts?
Best to have a mix of both, since they serve as multipliers for each other. That's also why critical boost is so valuable, since it serves as a third multiplier.
Best to prioritize affinity so that you can pull off crits better as they are the highest damage boost. The priority order would be wex>crit eye> crit boost> agitator(to activate you just have to
throw a monster at a wall)>attack boost>peak performance>anything else.
In iceborn mainly affinity because your weapon already has high atk
Monster Hunter World: Mathborne
For gs and sns it looks like fatalis weapons are strongest. 1632 and 490 raw respectively. I’m going to assume this will be the trend except maybe ranged weapons and hunting horn. Probably still highest raw dmg for those weapons tho
I think its outdated. Those were the strongest weapons before Iceborne
Raw is highest on all weapons by far. For ranged bow guns depends on the ammo..