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By Fexelea
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Added some carvings and tips to the page. This monster really looks epic.
By Anonymous
I prefer the looks of Xeno`Jiiva but Nergigante is pretty cool
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By Fallenangel700
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Can't wait to go up against him in the beta. We are all going to die and it's going to be great!
By MiseryPrincess
The hardest thing about this mission once you learn the patterns is the time limit! As it gets 15 minutes instead of the usual 20 (and 5 faints instead of the usual 9, which might be because it's a "slaying" rather than "hunting" quest).

You do get an item pack that does seem sliiightly different, though i'm not sure it is! :D
By CapnSparkles101
It's armor set is masterfully designed resembling the Akantor Set from past titles
By Anonymous
Finally beat it after 9 tries lol
By Anonymous
His roar followed by hover attack is cheap.
By Anonymous
Has anyone killed him atop Zora Magdaros? That would have been funny.
By Anonymous
I do not think that is possible. I think he has no fixed health since it is a story event. You don't even have to fight him though on Zoro
By kylesama
Killed him after 2 tries. First time fighting him, I didn't realize shock traps didn't work. I didn't bring any pitfall traps but would have tried those too.

When beating him I got elder dragon bones, which probably means he's an elder dragon. Which also means traps don't work on him. TIP: BRING FLASHES TO SAVE YOUR TEAMMATES BECAUSE THEY DRAG YOU DOWN AND DIE.
By iknowyou
Elderdragons cannot be caught/trapped. There are a total of 5 in-game, Nergigante, Kirin, Teostra, Kushala Daora and Vaal Hazak.
Use weapons with Elderseal to lessen the chance of them using their abilities.
By Anonymous
whoa hold up there buddy you are forgetting the Giant mountain you fought! Do not forget the almighty Volcano, Zorah Magdaros!!
By Anonymous
There are 7 you forgot Xeno'Jiiva
By Anonymous
If you are good with the long sword or you are just looking to for a good weapon to kill it with, craft the Kadachi Fang III and you should be all right
By Anonymous
with Kadachi Fang III best time 12'15''98
By Anonymous
I have the II version, time to get farming.
By Anonymous
Why 3, 1 would probably be fine enough
By Anonymous
you 've fainted, nergigante is all skill Attack Boost?! one punch nergigante... ,
By Anonymous
You just need better armor and you wont get 1 shot by his charge attack get good
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