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Anybody knows of or has created a PvE/PvP viable havel build i would appreciate any build anyone might recommend or direct me to

EDIT: i have decided to make my own build and using my creativity instead of being a closed box these are the Stats
Starting class: knight
FAITH:40(didnt know how to abbreviate it)


Alva's set

Right hand
Raw dragonsalyer's axe +10 (not great axe)
Knight's crossbow +10 lightning bolt ammo

Left hand
Dragon or spirit crest shield
Simple ceastus +10
Yorshka's chime +10


Ring of steel protection +3
Speckled stone plate +2
FaP ring +3
Cloranthy ring +3


Lightning blade
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If you want to go the full, 100% Havel cosplay, you need something like 85 Vitality just to midroll, on top of 40 Strength to use the shield and weapon. Plus 40 Endurance for stamina. Even before putting anything into Vigor, that's SL133 with the Warrior starting class. If you want 40 Vigor as well, you'll be SL159.

So, no, there's no way to make it a PvP viable build, unless you don't mind fighting against other SL150 characters who will most likely have far more optimized builds than yours. It's fine in PvE though, since there are still people for co-op at that range and heavy builds can easily exploit the AI.


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What level?

To get in under 125, the only archetype is the Parry/Backstab Hovertank. (I call mine a GEV, a reference to the OGRE games.)

Knight, 40 Vig, End, Str, Dex, Refined Dagger, and Deep/Dark/Fire (Doesn't make much difference, it's just to Parry and Chip) Caestus. Mostly want to Quickstep/Roll, Straffe, and setup Parry/Backstab/Guardbreaks with your Host, and other Phantoms. Note: FP is inconsequential, you don't need it to Parry, or Quickstep. (Havel's Ring/of Favor+3 Prisoner's Chain, and Hornet Ring, of course.)

You did say PvE/P, right? I took that to mean "Jolly Coop," and Invaders. I'd probably go Watchdogs of Farron. (A variant if you can handle the Dagger Parry Timing is the Sharp Twindaggers, 40/40 Dex, Faith, and Buff Miracles. Lightning, Darkmoon, and Blessed Weapon.) Both Pontiff's Eyes.

It's pretty hard to go much lower than that, with full Havel's, you can't have the Shield.


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The Havel armor is crazy if you have the stats. IDK how you could make with a normal sl 120ish build though. Maybe executer, champion gundyr armor with wing knight gauntlets instead?
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ill make my own build then with blackjack and hookers


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Just the Body and Leggings is where most of the benefit is concentrated. Light weapons (Astora UGS is pretty light and handy for an UGS) to compensate for such heavy armor, but full Havel's including shield, and Dragon Tooth is going to put you over even with the rings. (Havel's+3, Favor+3 and Prisoner's Chan all increase equip weight, but it's still not enough for decent stats.) Sharp AUGS, so you can minimize 1 stat. Whatever helmet, and gauntlets you can fit on from there, you should have plenty of armor Poise to Trade with most things, but only a hit or 2 against Greathammers. (The lightest greathammer I know is the Pickaxe, but it's really not easy to use. Short, and slow, you basically have to pair it with something faster, and horizontal swinging. I went with the Demon's Fist for Parry and Pimp Slap, but it took a lot of practice to PvP with it at all.)

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a havel build without havel armor isnt a havel build.

this is called a palladin build, a melee based cleric.
sl59 faith guy +8
sl42 luck guy +6
sl38 dex guy +5
sl20 +3
sl1 +2
no meta build