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So I was wandering about, when this happened. haha

I guess it "works" to some degree lol, but I do have another tactic:

Fragrant Branch+Dried Fingers+Way of blue (Is there anything more effective than this?)

Then let chaos ensue, lol.


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Glori4n wrote:(Is there anything more effective than this?)

Step 1: Play Offline.

Step 2: You're Welcome.



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Honestly I've avoided my fair share of invaders just by sitting down in a corner and waiting. I remember one time I got an invader to commit suicide by using the "sleep" gesture in a corner of Ariandel, and then leaving my computer to go make some food.


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In the Valley last night I was playing with a friend and she got invaded at the first fire. We beat the guy up a bit, and he vanished, so I figured it would be best to just keep going and watch out in the really tricky spots. Got all the way through to the Church, then cleared the whole following area and came around again. No sign. I was starting to think he/she died and we didn't notice. Nope. Turned out the invader went AFK right by the First Born ring, so we couldn't sit or travel for 30 plus minutes.

That was the first time. I don't mind invaders, but that got me thinking the game should have some sort of inactive time-out or something.
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