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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

finally! unfortunately this will kill some of the better mods though
In the Nintendo Switch table it should say "Tablet mode" not "Table mode" :D
In the Nintendo Switch, it should say "Tablet mode" not "Table mode"
Password Matching?
I think I read in a site that we'll be allowed to use a password for online gameplay like in dark souls 3. I really hope so. \\[T]//
Dedicated Server
Please, please, please... don't change the summon/invasion system! Please Bandai Namco don't ruin the game! I'm happy but very scared ;)
I don't think they are changing the way you summon. But they are giving it dedicated servers so it should be a lot easier to summon and not get errors or see no signs
Because getting invaded with a new character from some ****** who one shots you with a +15 falchion and fully upgraded armour with overpowered rings is completely fair. Not to mention his 99 supply of Humanity to constantly heal with.
Podrían haber incluido lo que no pudieron hacer en la anterior: Que los caballeros Negros, anden por Lordran libremente ..... además de nuevas armas/armaduras
Need to carry on with the dark souls franchoice hope they bring out dark souls 4 could be called blath death