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Can anybody update with the starting location in Reaper's Coast?


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I assume you only get this quest if Gareth is dead? These are his parents, and they're killed my Silent Monks as part of Burying the Past.
Are this quest parallel with Burying The Past?
You have to save his parents to get this quest. To save them you must find Gareth with Johnathan in a cabin unconscious and kill Johnathan then so he doesn't kill Gareths parents. This has to be done before your second source point i believe
I noticed that it actually has to be done before crossing the Paladin bridgehead towards the Graveyard, which makes sense considering his parents' house is towards there. Anyone that heads out to explore will easily miss this.
Wait - if you kill Jonathan, Gareth's parents live?! I never knew this... guess I know what I'm doing different on my next playthrough.
If you pull the Voidwoken outside the house and get Lyn & Conway involved, and Lyn dies but Conway lives, there will be no way to hand in the quest as of 28/07/2019.