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I don't know if it's a "me" issue, but the normal straight swords feel unbelievably weak.
My dark sword is +10 and it only hits the snakes in send fortress for 16 damage.
The drake sword does it's normal damage, but my dark sword, which scaling has a higher rating than the drake sword +0...the difference in damage is unreal.
Did 38 a swing against the spiders in blight town helping out a friend of mine.
I have 32 strength and 18 dex.
All of them or just that one? Because it could be broken (0 durability)
That would be because the Darksword is a quality weapon, meaning it scales with both Strength and Dexterity. Bring your Strength and Dexterity both to 40 and reinforce the sword to +15 to truly use the weapon to its full potential. It could also be that the weapon is broken. Check the durability and you can fix it at any blacksmith.
Quit hitting shields


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The best upgrade path for max damage is Divine: With 20 str + 20 dex + 14 faith = 361 holy dmg. With 30 str + 30 dex + 20 faith = 396 holy dmg. With 30 srt + 40 dex + 30 faith = 437 holy dmg. With 40 str + 40 dex + 77 faith = 500 hoy dmg.
they are savage beasts. Even Vilhelm, a Londor knight, despise them as "mad hollows".
Is this serious Lore i missed or...?
Nah, he just pulled this out of this but, Vilhem never adreses Dark wraits directly, adresses you, future Lord of Londor, or justo ordinary unkindled warrior, depending your playtrhough un DS3)
While that lore page by Rakuyo was a capitvating, fascinating read I'd suggest adding a warning because of the sheer amount of images. Third world countries like Germany with mobile data caps just above several bytes / year will be pleased.
For a quality build, would this or the broad sword be better? they seem to have the same scaling and dmg at +15. I suppose the moveset is the biggest difference.
If you'll use it for PvP, dark sword. If you'll use it for PvE, broadsword. Easier to handle and you won't suffer from "ah crap I pressed the wrong button now I'm gonna die because this enemy has infinite poise
Id say, playstyle
How upgrade
37 Twinkling titanite Slabs
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the same way that you upgrade every other weapon...
blacksmith upgrade
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Dupe glitch for some reason doesn't work with this equipped on Xbox 360.
The golden rule is "something too heavy/invalid for your stats to use properly." I dont think DS is that heavy tbh. Just do it with BASS CANON, mortal~! (From a friendly #PCMR succubus)