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All the fire weapons seem to generate a lot of energy, which makes them valuable when you're using the medi-voltaic injector.
that and when you have the implants that boost energy gain, helps alot more, about 4 strikes with this weapon gets you enough for volt
the enemy wielding it wont respawn, so carefuly taking him
man you got me so worried, I actually quit the game everytime it wouldn't give me the cut so I wont loose it. But it is actually fixed now, so they will respawn.
Dunno about you guys but this weapon seemingly deals more damage than Imperator V2 of the same level in practice, at least that’s how it seems despite, the Damage stats being way in favor of the Imperator...
I would recon that is due to the moveset. The way I understand the dmg mechanics, you do only a portion of the total dmg, namely the kind of dmg that is associated with the repective movement. I do a lot of charging attacks that would do the pierce portion of the dmg plus the elemental portion i guess. So for single rigged I prefer weapons that stand out in that regard.
Well personaly, I believe that it is because when there are multiple Damage types in a weapon it will be reduced multiple times due to resistances. For an easy example (number are made up) if your weapon (A) has 520 total damage, of which 300 is Physical and 220 is Elemental and the target has 40% Physical Resistance and 60% Elemental Resistance then you will deal total 268 Damage (180 Physical + 88 Elemental). But if you have another weapon (B) with does 500 raw Physical Damage, it will be just redused by the 40% Physical Resistance, so it will deal 300 Damage. So I would recommend to avoid using weapons with close to equally spread damage types. It would be ideal to use weapons with one stat significantly higher than others for best outcome.
Low Key the best single rigged weapon in the game, try it for yourself if you don’t believe, best energy gain, best damage (despite the overall damage stat being the lowest), and one of, if not the fastest attack speed among single rigs, guys, seriously, this***** is broken.